Sublime ArtEd is committed to promoting arts education in schools. We provide solutions for teachers to inspire children and unleash creativity.

These creative pathways facilitate critical thinking, and collaborative skills so that they are equipped with the qualities they need to succeed in their professional futures and to lead enriching lives.

Our unique curriculum and approach delivers 21st century skills to children through dance, music, visual art and theatre — all designed by prominent experts in these fields.

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What we offer

Lighting The Creative Spark
For Principals

We offer principals a structured and comprehensive arts program. This especially enables them to use the arts as a medium for the holistic development of their students, owing to overall boosts in performance on standardised testing as well as long term successes to boast of.

For Teachers

We offer teachers ready-to-use and adapt lesson plans, linked to well structured and easy to understand standards and systems of assessments. This kind of accessible content ensures they are able to make judicious use of time, and provides them with an abundance of ideas to get going in the classroom.

For Educators

We offer artists opportunities for sustained engagement with schools through work that provides meaningful employment. Their passion for their craft make them ideal advocates for careers in the arts, and we ensure that they are well supported and compensated when we work together.



What our customers say
“I looooooved the session today. Like every bit of it. Karen is amazing & I’m considering taking up theatre. I hope all the other sessions are like this.”
This workshop has been truly thought provoking. It has helped me know the various forms of art. Though I had seen a few art forms, never made an effort to know about its history. Now this workshop has been a seed for me to add to my art knowledge. Hoping to implement as soon as possible and actually as much as possible with a full plate already!
Visual Arts
The overall experience has been enriching. The open discussions are a great platform to speak about a lot of challenges faced by the teaching community. The highlights have been the daily hands-on experiences.
Visual Arts
The entire session was really great. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every bit of every day and I genuinely mean it. Karen was just amazing and I was ready to absorb everything she had in store for us. Looking forward to becoming a theatre facilitator and to more such workshops because a week's time was just too short.
“Amazing content, did not get bored at all, enjoyed every bit of the session, could not expect more. Every lesson was interesting, kept us occupied, very experiential. Great job!”