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Solving 21st century problems calls for creativity. Words and numbers are simply not enough for children to make sense of this world. Exposing them to the arts is vital—to allow them to connect their inner and outer worlds and make creative choices that add value to society.

— Uzma Irfan

Sublime was started in 2009 by Ms. Uzma Irfan, Director, Prestige Group. Under her leadership, Sublime has grown to become a successful entity with four distinct divisions – Sublime Galleria, Sublime Media House, Sublime House of Tea, and now, Sublime ArtEd.

The seeds of Sublime ArtEd were sown at Berserk, the incredibly successful children’s art residential conference that Uzma started in 2013. Inspired by how transformative creativity can be for children, Uzma decided to start Sublime ArtEd, to create a sustainable intervention in schools that facilitates both teacher and overall student development.

Uzma’s background in the arts are considerable: she founded the Sublime Galleria, dedicated to the support and promotion of fine arts and performing arts, in 2010. To this end, it regularly organizes exclusive art exhibitions featuring the work of both young and upcoming artists as well as that of renowned practitioners. These shows and exhibitions are well attended by art connoisseurs and buyers from across India and offer budding artists a much-needed platform to showcase their talent. The Gallery is also extensively involved in commissioning for high-end hotels, hospitals, offices and residences private and independent collectors, exhibitions and auctions.

Sublime Media House was originally started to help respond to the diverse and voluminous advertising needs of the Prestige Group. They have since then extended their expertise to include clients from across the country. Services include managing the communication objectives of clients through media planning, buying and implementation of different ATL (Print, Radio, TV, Digital, Hoardings etc.) activities as well as BTL (Handling On-Ground activities, exhibitions etc.) activities.

Sublime House of Tea (established 2013) and promoted by the Prestige Group and Sublime Galleria is an exclusive line of fine teas that has been credited with introducing certain flavours to the Indian market that were hitherto unavailable here. It includes exotic brews like Seventh Heaven, Wellness Brew and Green Long Ding, which are extremely sought-after nationally and internationally.