These are our subscription models:

MODEL Deliverable Payment TENURE Mode of delivery
Subscription Curriculum+Teacher Training Academic year Online
Subscription +Skilled art teachers Curriculum + Teacher Training +Skilled teachers Monthly for the duration of academic year Online +Onground
Skilled art teachers Teacher Training+Skilled teachers Monthly for the duration of academic year Onground

The teachers will be part of a 5 day teacher training. The training will be a combination of online+ on-ground+ assignments on a per discipline basis. Upon completion of the training the teachers will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Six months to multiple academic years.

50% refund on pro rata basis based on the remainder of the engagement timeline will be made.

The art teachers trained by Sublime ArtEd will have the opportunity to contact our industry and education experts to consult for career guidance of their students during the course of engagement.

The curriculum is built as an aid for teachers. For effective utilisation we recommend access exclusively for the teachers.

  • Slab 1- 2 user IDs + 1 principal ID+ 1 parent ID
  • Slab 2- 4 user IDs +1 principal ID+ 1 parent ID
  • Slab 3- 7 user IDs + 1 principal ID + 1 parent ID
  • Slab 4- 9 user IDs + 1 principal ID + 1 parent ID

Teachers trained by Sublime ArtEd will be equipped with tools and methodologies to address learning gaps in students who are new to a school with the program or  may have joined the school mid- year. The same will be addressed during the training program.

Our experts do not recommend that approach.When you sign up for the program mid- year, you will be paying for 6 months.

Sublime ArtEd adopts this approach to curriculum development comprising of six stages.

The arts standards were developed after a well researched study of art standards devised by 17 countries globally, by our dual-expert teams of arts and education practitioners. They consider the five arts processes, 9 Sublime ArtEd competencies, and progression across grades 1 to 10.

  • Dual-expert teams of arts and education practitioners
  • All 4 disciplines of Arts Education under one roof
  • Adherence to industry standards
  • Real Time approach to curriculum development
  • Implementation feedback
  • Impact assessment and continuous improvement
  • Well researched curriculum development

STFAI currently is affiliated with Prestige Foundation and is yet to be accredited.

The STFAI curriculum complies with various board guidelines such as ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and IB. We offer our services to State and NGO schools as well.

STFAI program will complement/supplement the learning in any genre specific training a student may be engaged in outside the school.

The curriculum is updated on a yearly basis on the following criteria:

  • Industry standards
  • Real Time
  • Implementation feedback
  • Market research

As the the Sublime ArtEd curriculum is designed and developed based on industry research, best practices, expert inputs etc. any change or customisation of content is not recommended — however the delivery flow maybe customised by the teacher if required.

When you sign up with a subscription, it is an engagement between your school and us. Any new school will have to sign a new agreement.

  • You can lock your fee for the period of engagement
  • On renewal, the fee may go up to a maximum of 5%
  • The fee may also increase with the increase in number of students in a school beyond a mutually accepted number

Yes, we support schools that follow ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and IB.